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Welcome to EDatCat customer support!

Welcome to the eDatCat Support web site.  This site has been stripped of graphics and other elements in order to provide a printer-friendly, fast-loading environment that is designed to help you find the information you need...and fast.

Please browse the support options below to contine....

User's Manual
Complete documentation for versions 1.5+ ...also includes PDF version.
Customization Guide
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A guide to working with the EDatCat templates.
Functional Reference
Reference manual for the edatcat functions...this is a PDF document.
Notes & Articles
Various tips & how-to's on working with EDatCat..
Share ideas with other developers of EDatCat- get some new ideas!
Get answers to frequently asked questions.
Helpful Tools
Scripts and tips to help out with trouble areas.
Live Examples
See other web sites powered by EDatCat.
Demo Store
Our own demo store, complete with examples and documentation.
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The latest changes, fixes and notes.
Contact Support
When all else fails, we're here to help...drop us a line!

Featured site of the month...

This month's featured site was designed by Ian "the excellent" Forest.  The web site, GameDen, was designed by Ian and Panace Projects, ltd. ( The site features a fun and intuitive interface, an informative homepage, and integration with WorldPay for secure online ordering.

Visit the site at:

Kudos to Ian and Panacea Projects for a job well done!  Very nice work!


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