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Support: FAQ

The below questions represent a few of the more common questions received by our support team.  Note that this faq is an earlier version left here for reference. Although some of it is updated regularly, we recommend you refer to the eDatCat Knowledge Base for more up-to-date information.






Once I purchase, can I move the software to another server? (top)

As long the software remains on the same domain name, you can move it wherever you want.  When you install, you supply various server paths and url's.  These form the basis of the software's operation.  If you do change servers and the paths are different, you may need to reinstall.  This should be relatively easy after you export your data and copy your templates, thus saving your work.   Should you need to reinstall for this reason, a new registration code will be provided to you.

When I buy EDatCat, does that give me the license to use it on 1 site or multiple sites? (top)

EDatCat is a single-license product, meaning that it is purchased for one site and one installation.  We are willing to work with you if you require more than one installation for the same web site, however.  Contact us if this is the case.

How do I call the script? (top)

You can call the script in several ways.  The easiest way is to simply type in the url to your store script.  This will automatically call the "mainpage" template.  For more information, please see the User's Manual section on calling the script.

During the install, I saved the templates w/ the .txt extension.  Is that correct or should it be .html? (top)

Honestly, it doesn't matter.  Some prefer to use no extension since, in that case, the templates can be doubled as SSI templates for other static pages on your site.  You can choose whatever extension you wish.  The important thing to remember is that, once you have installed, DO NOT rename the templates.   Doing so will cause cause the software to fail to recognize them.

Can I move files around once I install?  How about rename my templates? (top)

No.  Be sure you have everything where you want it to be before you install.  Moving files or renaming files after installation will cause boo-coo problems.

The required modules-, CGI, LWP- are they fairly common to ISP's? (top)

Yes, they are all fairly standard.  if your ISP does not have one of these modules, they can be obtained at no charge from CPANN.

Does your cart support frames or does it work only in tables? (top)

EDatCat will run in frames, out of frames, or in a combination of both.  The layout of your site is strictly up to you.

Does EDatCat have any mechanism or can be configured to allow customers to upload image or program files with their orders? (top)

This feature is not built in to EDatCat.  However, it can be accomplished.  There are a number of free/low-cost cgi's on the market that allow you to upload images.  Most of these involve placing a simple html form on a page.  This form will call the uploader script.  To use a script such as this with EDatCat, simply install the uploader script of your choice, and place the html form on the "confirmpage" template.  This will allow your customers to upload an image (or images) once they have placed their order.  You can orchestrate the design of this process so that it appears to be seamless.

Does edatcat upsell items or suggest items to purchase along with the first item selected to purchase? (top)

Yes, through use of the %%related_items%% shortcut.   The related items feature associates catelog numbers of products with other products that you supply.  This feature is configured in the Modify Product info section of your admin menu.  Use the %%related_items%% shortcut to call these items into play.  This shortcut can be used on the litrow, detail, view, or checkout templates.

Does EDatCat adapts to any template design? (top)

Yes.  That was one of the primary reasons we created EDatCat to begin with.  You can adjust the EDatCat templates to meet almost any design and/or presentation you can image.  There are very few limitations with the templates and dynamic presentation.  In addition, you can always use static pages to control the appearance even more.

Can I customize the software code? (top)

Feel free.  The EULA allows you make modifications to the code.  Keep in mind, however, that if you do, we will not be able to support problems that rise from your modifications.  We will continue to support problems unrelated to your changes, but you are on your own with your modifications.  We will be happy to refer you to someone who handles EDatCat customizations on a regular basis.

Also, keep in mind that if you do alter the code, when you update, your changes will be overwritten.  Keep a local copy of your changes handy so you can replace them when you update.

Will EDatCat allow me to charge shipping for some items, but have free shipping for other items? (top)

Yes.  The shipping options include real-time UPS totals, percentage of order total, fixed-fee, per-product fee, and custom freight tables.   For the above, simply choose the per-product fee method.  Then, supply the shipping fee for each product in the Modify Product info section of your admin menu.   That's all there is to it.

Is it possible to only show retail pricing for everyone? Then for our wholesale customers have only wholesale pricing show? (top)

Yes, this is possible.  The default setup allows for retail and wholesale pricing support.  There are three shortcuts associated with pricing info:  %%ret_price%%, %%whol_price%%, and %%price%%.  ret_price shows the retail price.  whol_price shows the wholesale price.  The %%price%% shortcut shows retail OR wholesale depending on the customer.  You can mark a customer's account as a wholesale customer.  Then, once the customer logs in, they will see the wholesale price.

With the %%popup%% shortcut - that's not generating a popup window, its
just acting as a regular link.  How do I set the popup parameters?

See "Using a popup window within your detail template"

Will EDatCat provide the ability for customers to order, pay for, and then download selected digital products? (top)

Yes.  See "Making the most of your EDatCat templates".  There is a section about halfway down the article that addresses this detail.

How many items will EDatCat's database support? (top)

EDatCat's default relational database will easily support up to 20,000 items.  We do have some customers using as many as 60,000 items.   With these numbers searches on the description field of an item will be slow, but no errors or problems aside from that should result.  EDatCat is designed for smaller businesses, but can easily handle a large product inventory.  We are planning an SQL version of the prouct that is due out later this year.

Does edatcat have a affiliate program script built into it? (top)

Not at the moment.  We do have customers who are using EDatCat in conjunction with various affiliate tracking systems.  Most of these shoul integrate nicely with EDatCat since you do have control over where and data is displayed.  If your affiliate program asks for data within a hyperlink or form, this will be no problem with EDatCat.  We do have an affiliate module planned and will hopefully be released in the next few months.

What payment processing centers does EDatCat work with? (top)

EDatCat supports automatic integration with Authorizenet through the admin menu.  You can also use other processing centers such as CyberCash or VeriSign.  You can customize the data that appears and is sent with the payment information - including the field names - so integration with other payment processing centers should be easy to accomplish.  The only tricky part may be determining your cetner's response to a form.  EDatCat requires that your processing center send a response back to the script in order for the order to completed.

When I will upgrade to the next version, will the database remain intact? (top)

Yes.  Your database, temlates, and your settings will all remain intact.  The EDatCat updater will only update your scripts.  If you make modifications to the code within the scripts, these will be overwritten.   Keep a local copy of your changes handy so you can replace them when you update.

Does your program support FrontPage 2000? (top)

Yes.  See "Using MS FrontPage with EDatCat"

What kind of support do you offer? (top)

EDatCat offers excellent online support for our product.   We place an emphasis on support as we expect our customers to have questions.   After all, this product is so divirse, it can be used in a thousand different ways.   Our web site contains a variety of support material.  Click here for information on contacting support, hours of operation, and other pertinent information.

Does EDatCat provide customization support? (top)

We will be offering customization services and support later this year.  At this time, our efforts are focused on the product itself and making sure that it is a quality product.  We will be happy to refer you to one of several resellers who are offering customization services for EDatCat.


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