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Support: Helpful Tools

EDatCat requires the the LWP module be installed on your server.  It also requires that you provide the exact physical server paths during installation.  If you encounter installation problems, chances are, the problem is related to one of these two things.   The below tools will help you discover the answers to these problems.

This script will tell you all sorts of useful info about your server- modules installed, directory paths, paths to perl and sendmail, etc.  All you have to do is download the script, upload it to your server, set 755, permissions, and run it in your browser.  It will give you a page full of useful facts.  To determine the physical server paths need for the installation of EDatCat, look for the path to the directory where this script is located.  Use it as a guide in providing the paths for your EDatCat installer.  To determine whether or not LWP is installed, look for it in the list of installed modules.

Download PerlDiver
This script was created by Tintagel Consulting, LLC.


Not sure if the LWP module is installed correctly?  Upload this script to your server, change permissions to 755, and run it in your browser....if it works, then LWP works also.



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