Support: EDatCat User's Manual

Welcome to the EDatCat User's Manual.
This guide is designed to explain the basic functions of EDatCat and help you learn to implement the product to its highest potential.  The chapters below correspond directly to the Administrative Menu of EDatCat (beginning with Program Configuration). The pages of the User's Manual have been stripped of graphics amd unnecessary text to provide a more printer-friendly environment.

Disclaimer: The Version 1.5 User's Manual is no longer maintained and may be out-of-date. It is provided only as a courtesy to users of older versions of eDatCat.

Select a topic from the Table of Contents below to begin. 

Table of Contents

Chapter Sections
Introduction System Requirements
Installation Downloading Your Script
Uploading and Setting Permissions
Directory Structure
Final Install Procedure

Calling the Script
Program Configuration Program Settings
Base Preferences
Store Settings
PGP Settings
Enter Registration Code
Database Categories/Subcategories
Modifying/Creating Data Fields
Sorting your Data
Inventory Modify Product Info
Featured Products
Product Discounts
Product Options
Shopping Cart Cart Options
Payment Options
Shipping Setup
International Shipping
Tax Setup
Confirmation Setup
Customer Accounts Order Status
Account Status
Welcome Message
Mailing List
Email Utility
Order Reports
Templates Searching

Appendices and Various Notes

Appendix A:  Errors Error Codes and Descriptions
Appendix B:   Customization Understanding the Templates
Notes on using the templates
Appendix C: Altering the Code If you change the code...
Appendix D:
Notes and Articles
This section presents various articles and summaries written by EDatCat President and founder, Ellison Belt.   This information ofcuses in on specific aspects and implementations of the EDatCat software.
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